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Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon, z"l, was one of the towering Shluchim (emissaries) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Over the course of his 43 years of leadership of Chabad of the Valley, he oversaw the establishment of 26 regional community centers and became known throughout the world as a dynamic teacher of Torah through his “Rabbi Gordon Live” broadcasts viewed daily by thousands via the internet.

During this past year, Rabbi Gordon’s life’s work has carried on with uninterrupted vitality through the continued growth of the organization he and his wife, Deborah, devotedly built from the ground up, and through the continued accessibility of his captivating Torah lessons online.

As the community joins together to mark Rabbi Gordon’s first yahrtzeit, the program will be highlighted by the launch of a historic International Sefer Torah Campaign. By participating in the writing of a new Torah in his honor, congregants, students and friends of this legendary Shliach will have the opportunity to celebrate his life, honor his achievements, and partner in his legacy in the most fitting, enduring and meaningful way.


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